If you are an investor or an accredited investor, this investment opportunity is low risk and a logical investment. Wasatch ATM, LLC is a profitable business that manages 3 ATM machines and has a contract to purchase 29 additional machines from ATM Solutions, LLC. With the acquisition of 29 machines, the Company will then own and manage a total of 32 ATM machines. The Company is seeking to raise up to $400,000 to purchase these machines and install 10 new ATM machines over the next 12 months.


The average machine nets about $300 to $400 per month, with several making over $1,000 per month and the few lowest machines netting about $200 per month. The key to this type of business to maximize the profit is to find as many spots as possible for locations that can net over $1,000 per month.


The cost for each Investment Unit is $16,000 which equals a 1% ownership interest of the Wasatch ATM, LLC. There are only 25 units available, which will raise the requested $400,000. Each investor can purchase more than one Investment Unit increasing their ownership interest. The Estimate for the ROI is estimated to be in the range of 9% to 11.5% based on the past 11-year results and the modest pro-forma estimates (see pro-forma in the Documentation Section).


Each Unit comes with a bonus $16,000 in travel benefits. Set up a meeting and we will explain the investment and the bonus of travel benefits.

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